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Bareback Djs New Tunes

Heres two new tunes for you to Boogie to!

Bareback Dj’s – Mating Call by Bareback

chocolate nipples by Bareback

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  1. Love ya fish, but mating call sounds like the backing track to a crash bandicoot game!!

  2. hahaha fuck how epic is the Jungle tune!

  3. I love ‘em both! Wish I could download it too. Can I??

  4. I like how fish’s gay room mates all write in and go..”hahahaha, that was soo funny” to anything he posts on here!

  5. Hey Frank, its obvious your a bird. You get rooted and forgotten, ah ha ha ha ha. waaa waa waa!!

  6. Frank mate your darry Dezmond… lay off the lady boys old son

  7. frothing for chocolate nipples ROOOOT

  8. Not Bad Fish!
    Let me know if you want to hit the Donkey show in Tijuana and surf some, Baja style…


  9. fuck frank these are sick tunes mate! love them

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