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Today i tested my Super dick surfboard and the thing went mad hahahah !!! It actually worked which was so surprising cause i thought it would only go straight with a set of nuts that big on it…Thanks Super brand for letting me create such a weapon

DICK SURFBOARD !!! from Paul Fisher on Vimeo.

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  1. Omg!!!! I fucking need one of these man!!! Hahaha epic!!!

  2. It takes balls to ride a board like that. Is it hard to ride?
    That’s hilarious, Fish.

  3. Mm, smooth glaze job. Pretties curves from end to tip you have ever seen, go ahead complement it. Not too crooked, works well with all types. Hard thick rails. Grab those thick rails really really good. Nice and thick, so thick…feel the power of control over everyone with this big stick and don’t forget to measure every inch, oh, every inch.

  4. F$#king Genius! You need to ride it at HB during the Vans US Open this summer.

  5. “Let It Go”

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