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KEEP IT TROPICAL… from Paul Fisher on Vimeo.

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  1. fukk me sexy chicas everywhere…where is that?

  2. just another ordinary wednesday afternoon…

  3. hahaha tropical madness !!!1 whats the id!?:D

  4. u better come back from paradise early enough to see some fake titties at HB for the US OPEN u funny cunt!?!!

  5. Sick, You have the life!! YEWWW

  6. Hahahaaa munch that thing in daylight. What a good bird. Epic

  7. Acid is a hell of a drug

  8. Whats the music?

  9. YES epic outfit fisha

  10. haha life s tough..

  11. Australian women = NO ASS hahahahahaha

  12. Split any freckles u fuckin cunt

  13. the place to be…

  14. whats the song then you lepo hunt shazam cant hack it!”

  15. Yeew, whats the song name?

  16. visiting that island is now on my bucket list!!

    LaShun Pace – It’s Me Oh Lord Acapella Praise (Nicolas Jaar edit)

  17. Fuck nice box gaps fisho

  18. Need an apprentice Fish ?

  19. Haha @ShakaBra… almost all those chicks aren’t from Australia… the little one is from Cali, the one in the fluro one piece is from Norway and the one with the Coconut is from Germany… But fuck me they looked good on that island! I wasn’t complaining!

  20. the guy @ 16 sec is my hero!!!

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