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  1. hell of a tune

  2. fish your a legend! sick vid man keep it up Yes!

  3. haha awesome pics and epic facial expressions Fish :) Whats the song called?

  4. What’s the name of this tune?

  5. Yee ye nice one boys

  6. Parties poppin Fish – siicko!

    Tracks: ‘Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You’

    ‘Au Seve’ is this summer’s bomb tho!

  7. Song is by Julio Bashmore – Battle for middle you.

  8. haha classic.. but come to europe mate! Berlin and/or amsterdam?! anyways keep up the good work – best blog ever!!!!!

  9. The song is called battle of middle you – Julio Bashmore

  10. Yeaaaah, Bashmore and the Fish…Sick little Combo. Keep the updates coming!!

  11. sick edit and always good tunes.. keep it up bruv

  12. hahahahahha yessss ! your the dirtyest dog fisho you animal

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