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There is nothing better than surfing in boardies in summer…
Here is a couple of quick clips

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  1. That looks soo fun!!!

  2. Yeeeew finally we get to see you surf again.. Keep the good shit goin mate

  3. Dude I love your webside! The videos are sick
    Greetings from Germany

  4. that tail blow at 0:45 was mental!!!!

  5. livin the dream….

  6. Homoooo..!!!!!

  7. Krakatoa Yeah Fish lips!

  8. fuck off frank!! why are you even here if you wright shit all the time??

  9. Fish Groupieeeeeee yewww

    inssaaneee braa … only give us 45 seconds of your surf are you kidding meee ???? we groupies wanna moree of that SH$TTT — forgot the Air moves ???

  10. you go hard on this one mate!! Love the nice little carves..

  11. I <3 surfers!! :)

  12. Thank god your a funny mother fucker

  13. flarin fishy yeaaaa boi

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