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The Bells Beach Pro

Yeah Yeah Yeah fishtales hits up bells beach with five questions for five surfers, the boys were on fire with the answers, check it out

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  1. Ahahahahahahahahahaha Bottz flarin up

  2. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK hahahahahahahaha goin mad

  3. Oh god. Do it for the fame. Classic! Fish you should ask Dusty that one! hahaha

  4. Fisha! Keep this shit up mate! Its solid fuckin gold. One of the best videos I have seen you do!

  5. hahahhahahahahahahah bottle is the fuckin man!!!!

  6. More top notch journalism Fisher !
    Way to hit the boys with the tough questions.

  7. Fucking TOW BALL head, fo show

  8. hahaaa i love bottz ‘clear bebliaqua-thing’ aaaaahahaaa

  9. you make me look like im mad, fishdoggy.
    what about my singing.. lalalalalalala pretty good a?
    im in Cali at the trestles event… wish me luck fishy.
    to all my fans out there i can sing better than that

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