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I just came off an epic trip down mexico with the boys the cast included Mick Fanning, Shane Dorian, Dane Reynolds, Jay Bottle Thompson and Ben Bougeouis. The trip was all time and the boys went mad on the points down there. It was one of the funnest trips i have been on in a while and i was stoked to be apart of the memories. Here is a little interview i did with the boys after the trip. Fanning had to a leave early so i couldn’t interview him but its all good yew…


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  1. Yeaaa fish!! Finally another video! Love it mate. Keep it going!!

  2. aah yea fish! The interviews are always the best!! Haha Jay T.. Love it

  3. Love youuu fishyy!! :)

  4. Hahah fish you funny cunt!!

  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeewww… Best blog ever!!

  6. fish you are the man! I love your webside. Keep it going man

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