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Tonino Benson hidden camera interview

If you have never heard of Tonino Benson well now is your chance. Besides being one of the best up and coming surfer here he is in his best interview yet and he doesn’t even know it.

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  1. lovee ittt!!! great jobb. try to keep doing interviews like thiss please. they give you a different perspective of the surferss, would make your interviews even more unique!!!

  2. That is funny stuff boys.
    keep it comin ….. shit weather here
    so it made me laugh. Damn funny.

  3. ummmm… FUck

  4. Fuk fisher….that is some funny shit…I love your laugh

  5. Awesome shit mate!! Loosing itt

  6. I <3 PAUL FISHER!!

  7. Fuckin funny….your laugh is fuckin hilarious fish

  8. That’s a farkin evil laugh.

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