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Welcome to the big wave awards where fish tackles some of the best big wave riders in the business and some of the talent getting around the awards.

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  1. fucking awesomee mann!!
    one of the best videos for surre
    please you need to put more of this shit!!

  2. hahahahahaah maybe the next one will actually be funny. Nah but the red tude bit was all time

  3. that chick is nasty fish! but she wants Your nuts

  4. mate.. you need to keep these fucking videos coming… and faster.

  5. soccor ball to the head please…

  6. whats the name of the song in the background, is fuckin madd.. as are you fishhyy

  7. hahahahaha. i think theres balls in at least 50% of these videos. fucking classic hahaha

  8. that bitch is fuckin wierd ay

  9. zzzz best shit ever fish, u still got it. worked the room like a demon. get ready for indo in a month :) bring the tales to padang & onto other boats fuelled by a few fin bintangs WOW can u dig it

  10. All time, Fish you are hilarious. Please keep it going!

  11. that was funny shit !!!!,,,,,,

  12. Fuckin killer!

  13. ay fish you i recon you should have a music section with all of these mental jams you play on the videos

  14. these vids are fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!

  15. that asian has seen enough small dick that shes cant help but to say she likes big balls

  16. Real nice song, in barebacks mix… what is it?

  17.’s done it once more! Great post.

  18. Christian Redongo

    Your humor is untamed and great!!!! CHEEEE! videos are hilarious!!!

  19. hey fish, big fan dude, i’ve got all your poster up on my wall…
    i have actually got a fisher shrine up in the living room, that i pray to every blue moon… but you listen here….

    get a job blogger

  20. hahaha one of the best!! Keep it goin mate. Love your videos

  21. You are my favourite person Fisheyy!!

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